Alcoholics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous
Cocaine Anonymous
Gamblers Anonymous
Broward County Intergroup


Here at the Freedom House, we find it essential to have a structured environment where residents can grow in their recovery and learn to make their own choices while being guided and held accountable at the same time. The goal is for each resident to break the chains of addiction and the behaviors that accompany it, to be free from chemical dependency and re-enter the world fulfilling the potential they have inside.

► All residents must maintain complete and continuous abstinence from alcohol and all other mood altering chemicals. Random drug and alcohol tests will be given.

► Each resident must actively participate in a 12 step program of recovery (AA, NA, GA etc)
• Obtain a sponsor to take them through the 12 steps and teach them how to live the steps in their daily life
• Attend daily 12 step meetings
• Obtain a homegroup and become involved in the recovery community

► Residents must complete all aftercare recommendations
• Therapy
• Medication compliance

► All residents are to have a full-time occupation
• Work
• School
• Volunteer

► Residents will be responsible for maintaining a clean house
• Chores will be assigned weekly
• Personal living area to kept tidy

► Residents will have a curfew based upon level of progress
Newcomers  10pm Sun-Thu | 12am Fri and Sat  
Senior Residents 11pm Sun-Thu | 1am Fri and Sat  

► Residents must attend weekly house meetings and monthly all-house meetings