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We must have your approximate release date or actual date you need a bed.

You must have 30 days of verifiable clean time, unless otherwise approved by staff.

Bed space priority is given on a first-come, first-serve basis, after the receipt of a $200 deposit.  The prospective resident is responsible for securing a place on our waiting list by arranging payment of the deposit. Have your family or other support group contact us directly if another party will be sending your deposit.

It is IMPORTANT if you decide to be on the WAITING LIST that you keep in contact with us. This is especially true if there is any time in between release from treatment and moving into the Freedom House.

This is a six (6) month commitment.  Your last week’s rent is applied only when you reach the end of your six month stay. If your six month commitment is not reached you forfeit your last week’s rent.

An initial payment of $540.00 is due upon day of intake.  This payment covers the first week's rent of $180, your last week's rent of $180.00 (if you stay the six months, if not, it is non-refundable), plus a $180.00 non-refundable admissions fee. (A minimum deposit of $200.00 is required in order to reserve bed space. This deposit is refundable solely at the discretion of Freedom House LLC’s management)

You will be charged a prorated amount of $25 per night for the fraction of your first week if you move in on any day other than Friday. This prorated rent will be due your second week here, when you begin paying weekly rent. (For example, if you move in on a Tuesday, you will be charged $75 for the first three nights — Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday — that you live here. The next day, Friday, will begin your first full week here, which you've paid for in your $540 intake payment. Your next rent will be due that following Friday, and will include your prorated rent amount plus $180 for the current week's rent due. Thereafter, the weekly rate of $180 per week applies.)

Keep in mind that rent will be due again your second week at Freedom House, unless you have prepaid some amount of rent in advance. Make arrangements to pay rent so that you do not get behind.